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How Your Mindset, Ego, and Emotions Affect Your Trading

Your mindset, Ego, and emotions could only work against you in the stock market. Learning how to put them aside and objectively trade is the best thing you can do for yourself and your money.

What Are Your Limiting Beliefs About the Stock Market?

Some make the excuse that they don't have enough money to trade stocks. Others make the excuse that they didn't go to school for it. The reality stands that neither is needed to do exceptionally well in the markets. Throughout time, the markets have acted the same, and that is your key to success.

Why Some Succeed and Others Fail in the Stock Market

Have you ever wondered why few do exceptionally well in the stock market? The answer to this boils down to how much work you put in to study how it works. To pros, it is not a gamble or has anything to do with luck. To the rest, it has to do with luck or gambling. Pick the road you want to travel

Start Investing On The Right Foot

When starting out in the stock market, there are things to avoid. Many people figure this out the hard way, but you don't have to.